Buy 10 Best RO Water Purifier In India (2021)

Whenever you move to a new location, drinking water is an important consideration. Every day in India pure drinking water becomes harder to get with. The reasons for this are groundwater contamination, growing emissions, smaller clean water supplies, and many more. But the reasons behind India’s water pollution and its impact on people are not being discussed. The best RO water purifier can help you with this cause.

The thing we will discuss in the article is how you can make the least effort to make the purest drinking water at home in India. The first thing to remember is the water purifier when you are also looking for a safe and simple method for clean drinking water in the house. The home water purifiers are perfect for consumers who are using drinking water most easily and efficiently.

Best RO Water Purifier In India 2021

The best RO water purifier in India has been brought to you to alleviate your confusion. We hope that this best RO water purifier review will help you choose the water purifier of your needs and options. Read to resolve your confusion regarding the best RO water purifier:

1. HUL Pureit Copper: Best RO UV Water Purifier

The latest HUL Pureit Copper+ water purifier improves the health of your family through modern technology and traditional values. Its seven-stage process for RO+UV+MF purifies water while it is loaded with rich copper with the special technology Copper Charge. It helps you to choose between copper-laden water’s goodness and normal water.

It is quite different from a normal copper vessel that needs to clean and store water over the day. You can choose between Copper Charged RO water and standard RO water by using the HUL Pureit Copper+ Water purifier. It is a league apart from conventional copper vessels, which had to purify water until it was stored overnight. HUL provides the best RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier in Pureit Copper.

Copper Charge Technology HUL Pureit Copper+ Water Purifier allows the water to be charged with 99.8% pure copper in real-time. On the other hand, in a conventional copper vessel, the same method took at least 8-10 hours to store water overnight. In each glass of water, the HUL Pureit Copper+ washers administer the correct quantity of copper.

Traditional copper vessels take a great deal of effort to clean them periodically to avoid oxidation. But the purifier Pureit Copper+ is cleaning itself.

best RO water purifier

Key Features Of This Best RO Water Purifier For Home:

  • Free installation
  • Dual water dispensing
  • Fills bottle hands-free
  • Auto-cleaning feature

2. Eureka Forbes AquaSure: Best RO UV UF TDS Water Purifier

Clean and healthy drinking water is 100 percent supplied by Aquasure Delight with multi-stage purification. It is a blend of the best cleaning technologies such as RO+UV+MTDS. With a TDS input of up to 2000 PPM, this purifier will handle water. This purifier still ensures clean and delicious potable water with a reduction of up to 90 percent TDS.

The sediment filter, chemical block, RO membrane, UV disinfecting chambers, and post-carbon filters are provided for this water purifier. It also comes with an advanced TDS controller that allows you, according to your needs, to change the taste and TDS water level. This feature ensures that you get sweet and delicious water every time.

The filter cartons are planned to last up to 6,000 liters, according to the specifications. Thus, the cartridge will last about one year for a family of four who uses about 15-20 liters of water a day. The purification device contains 3 LED power-on indicators, the purification process on/off, and the complete tank.

According to the manual, the water purifier will alert you if any UV lamp faults are detected. This is useful because the failure of UV lamps could go unrecognized for a long time. UV lamp failure can lead to the occurrence of harmful micro-organisms in water such as bacteria and viruses, making it the best RO UV water purifier in India.

Best RO UV UF TDS Water Purifier

Key Features Of This RO Water Purifier India:

  • 6 stages purification
  • UV lamp
  • TDS controller
  • RO+UV purification

3. Kent- 11076: Best RO UV UF Water Purifier

Kent RO Purifiers is one of Indian’s most trustworthy and esteemed artists. Regardless of water quality, the finest and purest drinking water can easily be relying on these RO purifiers. Another genius water purifier from the company, Kent-11076 not only provides improved facilities but is also incredibly easy to maintain. Kent’s best RO water purifier price is very negligible.

The is the best KENT RO water purifier that customer care service makes it very easy to manage the purifier and can rely entirely on the company’s impeccable customer service. The water purifier contains an 8-liter water storage tank suitable for the 3 or 4-member family. So the KENT New Grand is perfect for buying the RO water purifier with an adequate water tank that is used for emergencies.

The ideal robust build quality is another wonderful thing about the KENT New Grand. The body of the purifier consists of highly durable plastic of food quality, which is intended to last for years. That is to say, the KENT New Grand is the best option if longevity is the main point to be taken into account. Another plus point for the purifier is flawless RO purification, and you can rely on it easily. The perfect TDS range for flawless handling of the KENT New Grand is 500-2000.

best RO water purifier price

Key Features Of this Best Water Purifier RO:

  • Premium built quality
  • Free installation
  • TDS control system
  • Elegant design

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4. Havells RO+UV: Best RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier In India

The next product from our list of the best water purifiers in India is Havells Max 7-liter RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier. Havells is regarded as a higher quality equipment manufacturer. A few years ago, the brand entered the industry of water purifiers. But Havells has been one of India’s best water purifier brands within a short time.

The substance includes seven phases of RO + UV purification. This means that pollutants like toxic dissolved solids, viruses, and water bacteria can be easily removed. The product is ideal for all types of input water, including municipal water, tap water, and groundwater because of RO+UV technology.

RO remains the only available technology that can remove the toxic substances dissolved in the water. But it also deletes the natural minerals required from the water as one of the key problems with this technology. That’s bad for the taste of the drink. And health is also not healthy.

This problem is solved by the Mineralizer product. The basic natural minerals of the water are refilled with a mineralizer. Also, the pH value of the water is adjusted. Consequently, essential minerals and natural water testing are maintained. The intelligent iProtect work, the always monitoring water purification, is an important feature of Havells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer water purifier.

The intelligent protector function, which always monitors the water purifier process and ensures error-free water purification, is another essential element of the Havells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer. Water purifier. You still have pure, clean, and delicious drinking water to ensure with this best RO UV UF water purifier in India.

best RO UV UF water purifier in India

Key Features Of This Best Selling RO Water Purifier in India:

  • 7 stage purification
  • Capable of purifying tap water
  • Intelligent iProtect function
  • Refills essential minerals

5. AO Smith Z9: Cheap And Best RO Water Purifier

The proprietary Advance Recovery Technology is one of the major benefits of the AO Smith Z9 water purifier. The device can save twice more water than a regular RO water purifier through this technology. The RO purification process by this best RO and UV water purifier also ensures minimal waste of basic minerals.

The 8-stage water purification process is comprised of RO + SCMT with MIN-TECH technology. To avoid recontamination of pure water by toxic bacteria, SCMT assures secondary microbial purification. MIN-TECH replenishes vital minerals that are lost during the RO process.

The added benefit of this water treatment method is that a button can be pressed to get clear water at 450C and 800C. This warm water is perfect for cooking, so you don’t need to reheat the water. You don’t have to check for controls with AO Smith Z9 Green water purifier, because the device is located by this purifier with night aid.

The digital view offers good information such as water temperature, complete tank indications, and filter warnings. The water level indicator is a useful method for assessing water levels in food-grade 10L. The inclusion of a drip tray is another creative element.

best RO and UV water purifier

Key Features Of This Best Water Purifier RO UV:

  • Hot and cold water options
  • Less water spillage
  • Low consumption of power
  • Drip tray technology

6. Faber Galaxy Plus: Best Water Purifier 2020

The purification method of this best RO purifier involves UV filtration in the final stage of water purification to care for harmful germs and bacteria. The highlights of this water purifier include its stylish nature, which combines well with your kitchen decoration and gives the water purifier a modern look.

The RO membrane is an advanced membrane with a capacity of 2500ppm to handle water with TDS. It should also be the optimal treatment agent for all water bodies, including groundwater, boreal water, and urban drinking water. An 8-stage purification process involves RO, UV, UF processes, ensuring the supply of high-quality clean, hygienically safe water is supplied to the Faber Galaxy Plus water purifier.

The additional benefit of this water purifier is MAT, which enhances the taste of distilled RO water. This technology contributes to the addition of important minerals that are missing during the process of RO water purification. The copper-guard technology to prevent odors from pure water is a further great function of Faber Galaxy Plus water purification. Nine liters of high storage capacity should be sufficient for all families.

best RO purifier

Key Features Of This Best UV Water Purifier:

  • Elegant design
  • Affordable pricing
  • 8 stage filtration
  • Handles high TDS levels very well

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7. LG Puricare: Best Non Electric Water Purifier

LG is a well-known manufacturer of consumer appliances in India. The success of LG air conditioners, televisions, and refrigerators must be evidence that Indian consumers are confident LG can work exceptionally well. This water purification LG Puricare is in no way deceptive.

A dual stainless steel protective tank that preserves water freshness, while reducing bacteria and algae growth, is provided in the WW150NP water purifier. A 5-stage RO purifier, using a UV-lamp to remove harmful germs and Bacteria from RO filtered water to make it completely safe for drinking. This water purifier has been applied with RO. It is the best UV UF water purifier.

It also ensures that the mineral content is still maintained in filtered water. Style-Steel certification shows that the water storage tank has an E-coli growth in 24 hours of 94,4 percent reduction compared to plastic and fiber tanks, the most important benefit of this water purification system.

A state-of-the-art RO water purifier that eliminates bacteria and viruses at the purification stage and thus avoids the need for a UV lamp during purification. During the water preservation stage, however, the UV light is useful, guaranteeing double safety. Every six hours begins the UV purification cycle.

best UV UF water purifier

Key Features Of This Cheapest Water Purifier:

  • Dual protection tank
  • Superb design
  • Removes micro-containment
  • Handles high TDS easily

8. Blue Star Aristo: Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

Blue Star was a well-known water purification brand. And although the company started to produce products that were targeted at domestic users recently, it has sufficient expertise to deal with water purification without defects. The company has developed an excellent range of water purifiers for home users, and the Blue Star Aristo is the perfect purifier for buyers with TDS values of 200-2000.

Although the Blue Star Aristo has many good things and features, its premium nature is the first thing you can note. Like other companies, if you want to buy the best premium design, which can compete with all other items on the market even at a higher price point, you can count on the purifier at all times. This electric water purifier price is negligible.

The perfect purification technology is another brilliant thing that we most enjoyed about the Blue Star Aristo. The Aristo works with RO+UF filters. The purest drinking water free of any contaminants can be guaranteed. The purifier also comes with an Aqua Taste booster which improves the smell and taste of water, in addition to the cleansing process.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

Key Features Water Purifier Lowest Price:

  • RO+UF filters
  • Aqua taste boosters
  • Carbon filters
  • Sediment filters

9. Livpure Glitz Silver: Best Water Purifier Without Electricity

Livpure is an Indian water cleaner newcomer. In a short time, however, the brand has become one of India’s most successful water purifiers. Within the short term, Livpure gained the confidence of Indian consumers by offering a fair price to some excellent water purifiers. One of these products is Livpure Glitz RO+UF Mineraliser 7 Ltr RO Water Purifier, which is one of the best water purifiers in India right now.

Let us address this product’s main features briefly. Advanced 6-stage RO + UF cleaning is included in the product. So, what kind of uncleanness in the water you have doesn’t matter. It is the best non electric water purifier.

You always get clean and healthy potable water with this purifier. It is also suitable for all forms of input water due to its advanced 7-stage cleaning of RO + UF technology. Therefore it offers city supplies, tap water, or borewell, regardless of your source of water, 100% clean drinking water for you.

best non electric water purifier

Key Features Best UV Water Purifier:

  • Budget-friendly
  • 6 stages filtration process
  • RO+UF technology
  • Suitable for tap water

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10. R.K Aqua Fresh: Best RO Purifier

R.K. Water Fresh is an excellent name in the enterprise which most profitably addresses all of the customers’ usual needs. This water purifier is highly moderate and it is beneficial for most people to buy this device. It is accompanied by a 15L water storage cap that makes it suitable for large families as well as little people.

The conservative and attractive water purifier plan helps customers to benefit from water cleaning to the greatest extent possible. It is guaranteed with a promise of 1 year. The programmed work and troubling highlights make it easy for customers to make sure when to replace the filter. This is the best RO UV water purifier.

Best RO Purifier

Key Features Of This RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier:

  • High capacity water storage
  • UF and TDS adjuster
  • 1-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly

Drink Safe Water Using The Best RO Water Purifier In India

In all, you must buy the best-in-the-line water purifier if you have problems with drinking water at home and want the best health for the family members.

Check the items mentioned above or find one more appropriate for your needs and budget. Just make sure you focus on the best RO water purifier in India to meet all of your water purifier purchase requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which water purifier brand provides the best after-sales service?

KENT, being a renowned name in the water purifier industry, is known for its efficient after-sales services. Whether you need to request product servicing, get maintenance services, or find out about AMC, KENT makes it easy to avail of the after-sales services without any hassles.

  • What is the cost of annual maintenance (AMC) of RO water purifiers?

The cost of Annual Maintenance of water purifier or say water purifier AMC charges are as per estimated to be for an RO water purifier starts around Rs 1000 per year.

  • What kind of water purifier should I buy?

For those using bore wells or mixed sources, RO+UV+UF technologies could make sense. Water purifiers that have just UV+UF purification can get rid of most bacteria, viruses.

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