Best CCTV Cameras In India (Updated 2021 List)

People have realized that there is nothing more important than their safety. A few years back, people used to tackle this problem by installing cameras only in the malls, jeweler shops, or ATMs. But now, people install the best CCTV camera in India even in their homes for being extra sure and less vulnerable. 

Rather than living in the fear of some mishappening, you should spend a few thousand bucks for having the best CCTV camera in India according to your need. By spending a little bit more, you can either get the best night vision CCTV camera in India or the best wireless CCTV camera in India.

Going forward in this article, we will be discussing the best CCTV camera in India, with their latest purchase link and the features that we like in them. 

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera In India

1. Mi 360°: Best CCTV Camera For Night Vision

The Mi 360° CCTV camera is one of the best in this category with features such as wireless internet connection, infrared vision, movie tracks, and director chat. It also supports 360-degree rotation that is beneficial for shifting the field of view without changing the orientation of the object physically. It supports 1080p recording to give you ample visibility to distinguish people and objects quickly. 

Mi 360° is charged with functionality and supports remote control with Android and iOS applications. Multiple views on a single screen allow you to mount a Mi camera and display it on a single screen in each room. The image-in-image mode allows you to both tracks and monitors your baby’s activities. Due to the 360° feature, it is the best CCTV camera for home.

It also can view captured videos with a replay option on a mobile or tablet so you can find out the protection of your family whilst you are on the move. The videos also have a fast-forwarding facility to save your time while you decide to rewatch the recordings. Due to its innovations, Mi is slowly inching towards becoming the best CCTV camera brand in India.

best cctv cameras in india

What we like in Mi’s best CCTV camera India:

  • AI motion detector
  • Talkback feature
  • 1080p resolution
  • Fast-forwarding option

2.  Tp-Link Tapo C200: Best Quality CCTV Camera

After getting renowned for its art in manufacturing fine internet routers, Tp-Link is all set to conquer the CCTV cameras market by becoming one of the best CCTV camera brands.  With Tp-Link Tapo C200, you get a horizontal range of 360 degrees and a vertical range of 114 degrees. 

It provides you with sufficient visibility over a whole space or a wide area. It comes with advanced night vision mode, offering up to 30 feet of visual distance. It can act like the best CCTV camera for shop. It supports motion tracking, live streaming, and bidirectional audio. The Tapo C200 is quick to set up. 

The Soft AP setup provides a simple way to update and connect to the camera when you’re installing the Tapo Camera software. This luxury protection solution guarantees security in your home and avoids theft and break-ins. The camera tracks all such incidents in-depth, helping to address such situations where they arise. Tp-Link’s CCTV camera price in India for home is quite negligible. 

best cctv cameras in india

Key features of Tapo wireless CCTV camera for home:

  • Night vision
  • Motion detector
  • Privacy mode for shutting down the recording
  • Sound and light alarm

3.  Sricam SP Series: CCTV Camera Best Quality

With its configuration and function, the Sricam SP safety camera keeps it simple. It provides 720p and a panoramic view of 360°. It comes with 11 infrared lamps which also help capture night images. Additional capabilities include motion tracking, bidirectional audio detection, and Wi-Fi. Sricam is surely not the CCTV camera best brand but it is laced with features. 

The safety camera of the Sricam SP series can be used for offline capturing via MicroSD cards up to 128 GB. This CCTV camera is categorized as PTZ. This camera can be set up everywhere. Keep it on the shelf of the kitchen or drawing room, or hang it with wall mounting brackets on the sidewall or ceiling, Sricam provides the best cable for CCTV camera.

This camera has an embedded microphone to listen to what’s going on in the room. It is also suitable for tracking vulnerable individuals in your home, such as the children or the elders. The camera offers high-resolution 720p images to help you interpret the goals. This camera can also cover as much area as possible with a 355-degree inclining function.

best cctv cameras in india

Things that you will like in Sricam’s SP Series:

  • Motion detection
  • Rotational camera
  • Night vision
  • Sends alerts on moving object

4. CP Plus 2.4 MP: Best CCTV Camera For Home

With a 3.6 mm lens and 1080p resolution, this 2.4 MP balloon camera offers video images. This is durable and stainless with IP66 ratings and can protect a maximum of 20 Meters.

There is no latency, i.e. the duration and time of the video recording is coordinated. 

Among them, there is no divide. This is a camera with a night vision that delivers color graphics that can work on bright daylight and dim nightlight. The CMOS image sensors are fitted as well. 

You can use this best CCTV camera for home India for recording every single activity of your home. You can even fit it in your shop because of its wide range of camera angles.

best cctv cameras in india

Best highlights of CP Plus 2.4 MP camera

  • Astra HD camera
  • Wide range
  • Weatherproof
  • HDMI ports

5. Zicom Dome Camera: The Best CCTV Camera System

Zicom is an Indian company, one of India’s first security goods firms. It began in 1995 as the best CCTV camera company. The progressive development now leads to the import, research, design, and programming of high-quality electronic security systems.

Zicom provides many functions inside a pocket-friendly price in the dome-shaped pan and tilt camera. This camera comprises a plastic body requiring a 12 volt DC voltage supply and a 5-watt power intake. The recording is supported in a 1280 x 720 resolution HDTV signal format and a WDR that delivers sharp and transparent video.

It has a lot of versatility. Pan: 0-30 degrees, 0-75 degree tilt and 0-30 degree rotation. The infrared technology is available on the 1 MP lens with a width of 10 meters. It also has progressive CMOS image sensors of 1⁄4 inch. Day and night, the camera works well. Even in the dark of night, it is successful. Even temperature tolerant and dust resistant. This analog camera can be used primarily as the best CCTV camera for home in India.

best cctv camera for home

Major highlights making Zicom the best CCTV camera company in India:

  • Multi-colored
  • 720p resolution
  • Connector accessories
  • IR technology

6. EZVIZ By Hikvision: Best Wireless CCTV Camera

To build simple and clever homes, EZVIZ produces a range of creative surveillance solutions like a CCTV camera. EZVIZ spends a lot on smart video and IOT automation at its heart. The goods are superbly patronized across the world. EZVIZ cameras allow virtually anywhere remote access. 

If your camera senses unusual movement activity based on the settings you select, you are alerted to your mobile. You can watch live streams, trigger recordings, and allow two-way audio if you have convenient access to the Internet. 

This best CCTV camera for home is available on Google Play Store and supports a particular smartphone software, EZVIZ App. You can track the actions of the camera with this app. A 256Gb memory space for your precious moments in an SD card is supported on this camera device. Without deleting your SD card, you can read old data directly from the app.

best cctv camera for home

Key features of Hikvision Best CCTV camera brand:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Dual antenna
  • Anti-reflection glasses
  • IR filter

7. Qubo Smart Indoor WiFi Camera: Best WiFi CCTV Camera

Qubo is surely not the world best CCTV camera brand, but one of the innovative ones. The integrated Alexa compatibilities Qubo smart surveillance camera offers a complete solution for home protection and automation. AI breakthrough, a single program for the entire homes, and home automation are some of the attractive functions.

The protected data streaming service from Q-Crypto with PKI-based root of confidence across all software layers guarantees that compliance with uniform cryptographic algorithms avoids software manipulations and prevents malware compromise. This clever camera is IP65-resistant and has a full HD resolution. It is often recognized by the face and can alert users when they identify a face. 

It even has a night view and can see while the sun is out. There’s also 2-way interaction with the people home. The camera also supports gesture tracking in addition to facial detection. It is also fitted with a warning baby cries feature to let you know when you scream.

best cctv camera brand

Key features of Qubo best wifi CCTV camera India:

  • Live-monitoring system
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Baby cry alert
  • Talk-back feature

8. D3D Full HD WiFi: Trying Hard To Be The Best CCTV Camera Company

D3D is a leading global protection framework vendor. The company offers several surveillance products, the key of which is the Wi-Fi security camera D3D F1-362C. It comes with outstanding features such as smart AI, home automation, and Alexa compatibility.

The simple implementation of the D3D protection systems is one of the remarkable highlights. 

The process allows the application to be downloaded and the camera set up in no time at all. You can save extra installation costs with this DIY installation. The D3D AI allows the camera to follow the motion of people and capture moving objects automatically. Both your actions can be saved on the SD card. 

This camera looks fascinating when you don’t rotate the camera manually, but there’s no blind spot. The Night Vision feature features an optimized 850mm IR light with an intelligent image sensor for automatically transitioning from day to night. It can catch narrow visuals up to 35 feet apart.

best cctv camera brand

Key Features of D3D Best CCTV Camera For Home:

  • Smart home
  • Auto Tracking
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Cloud recording

9. Bluarms Dome Pro: Coming Straight From The Best Brand For CCTV Camera

The safety camera also supports 1080p and 2-way audio resolution. A free subscription to cloud storage for 30 days is available to save your surveillance clips. There is also a nocturnal view you can see in the dark up to 22ft out. Users will search the blurred Smartphone app or web app simultaneously on 4 cameras. 

Users can also show main places in the view of the camera where users choose to look at them, such as doors, windows, or beds and get special warnings when anything happens. This safety camera has a stellar feature: baby care. It helps parents to track and monitor the behavior of their babies as they sleep, making it one of the best CCTV camera.

When they’re on vacations the camera proves effective in ensuring the pet’s full attention is paid to their creatures. It also reassures the pet that it will meet its needs. You will avoid the animals messing around the house by keeping an eye on animal behavior.

best cctv camera brand

Key features of Bluarms Dome Pro:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Nocturnal vision
  • Cloud storage
  • 1080p Videos

10. ThinkValue IP Security Camera: Best CCTV Camera

ThinkValue is another well-known, excitingly featuring CCTV brand. It is quick to set up and start watching the operation by USP of this CCTV camera. It comes with a simple Wi-Fi option, which helps you to mount and track the camera on your smartphone or tablet using a certain mobile app. You also have access to the video from distant areas to make sure your loved ones are still in the eye.

You can rotate the camera and stretch the FOV from anywhere in the world using your smartphone app using the built-in revolving push. The camera has SD card slots, allowing you to record the operation quickly. Up to 128GB of SD card memory is supported. The 720p resolution and extensive dynamic range guarantee high-quality images. ThinkValue is surely not the best CCTV camera brand but it provides with most amazing features.

With a dual motor configuration, the camera can achieve a horizontal and vertical view of 355 degrees and 120 degrees. The motion detector function detects abnormal gestures and sends a warning along with the screenshot of the attacker to your smartphone and inbox. This feature makes it a convenient app while you’re away from home.

best cctv camera brand

Major highlights of ThinkValue IP security camera:

  • Live demo
  • Rotational camera
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio

Uplift Your Security Concerns With The Best CCTV Camera

It becomes important to track your home security while you are away from home for long, either due to work or travel or some other cause. Fortunately, it must not be costly to do so. Today’s best surveillance cameras are very inexpensive with a variety of capabilities, including night mode, motion sensing, and remote control. 

You just need a good internet connection to put your surveillance camera online. This list of the best CCTV cameras in India will make it easier for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much home security camera coverage is needed?

30 feet of camera coverage is a good home security

What’s the best outdoor security camera shape?

Bullet cameras are considered the best outdoor security camera shape.

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