Best Air Cooler in India in 2021

If you want to beat the summer heat most inexpensively, then air coolers are the perfect choice for you. Air coolers will provide you with optimal cooling capacity without burning a hole in your pocket, unlike the traditional air conditioners. Due to increased market share and drastic change in the temperature, air coolers have picked up steady growth in the most recent years. This competition is also providing the customers with the best air cooler in India.

There are different types of coolers available in the Indian market.  Even if the underlying function and working of every cooler are almost the same, a customer needs to be completely aware of his/her requirements before deciding on the best air cooler for home. Going forward in this article, we will be discussing the best air coolers in Indian market so that you can decide the best air cooler to buy in India. Here is the list of air coolers so that you can choose the best air cooler in India:

Best Air Cooler Online For This Summer

1. Maharaja Whiteline Blizzard 20L: Best Cooling Air Cooler In India

This air cooler comes with an elegant appearance in a high-quality white plastic shell. It cools your room within a short period with its powerful cooling rate, making it the ideal air conditioning substitute. It comes with three-speed settings for the appropriate cooling in the required area. It is moderate, medium, and high.

It has a capacity of 20L that is suitable for a space of 160m2. If you have adequate plans for cross-ventilation, this air cooler will work best. The addition to this beauty is its anti-bacterial tank and its low noise level. It has a 1000 cubic meter cooling capacity, which allows the entire room to cool faster. 

In this air cooler, the wave pad is used to supplement the air-cooling ability. These pads are very effective in absorbing and retaining water as cellulose is created. The available 4 rim wheels make your job simple and comfortable if you’re pushing your air cooler. This is certainly the best air cooler for home in the given price range.

Key Features of Maharaja Best Cooler In India:

  • 20 litres of capacity
  • Low noise
  • Schockproof body
  • Invertor support

2. Symphony Ice Cube 27: Best Water Cooler In India

When it comes to room coolers, then Symphony is undoubtedly the best cooler brand in India. If the simple pedestal fan isn’t working for you, then try the Symphony Ice Cube 27L air cooler and feel an infinite effect of coolness. Symphony is one of the trusted brands on the market and stands out from the other brands. Symphony provides its customers with many features and this air cooler is no exception. Because of its exclusive design, it is the best tower air cooler in India.

The 283mm fan in this cooler produces the cool air much more easily and efficiently. It has a 27L water tank, that is suitable for a space that measures 165 meters or less. The honeycomb pads on three sides help to keep the air cooler and absorb full water from outside. With its superior products, Symphony is certainly the best brand for air cooler in India.

Key Features Of This Best Mini Air Cooler In India:

  • 1 year manufacturing defects
  • Large water tank
  • Bacterial filter
  • Knob controls

3. Bajaj Platini PX97 36L: Best Small Air Cooler In India

This air cooler has the advantage over the other air cooler, as it is capable of changing its function in various climates. So, when you select the Bajaj Platini PX97 36L air cooler you do not need to worry about the venue. Not only in terms of appliances, but Bajaj is also one of the best air cooler brands in India.

This air cooler is well fitted with features such as a high air supply and large water tank to deliver sustainable cooling. In particular, this air cooler has a 36L tank capacity that is enough. Modern technology is used to provide the anticipated air cooling. It operates with a 3-speed control setting using 1360 RPM. This air cooler can be used in a space of 150 m2.

The three-side honeycomb padding ensures that the room cools quickly and comfortably. Total power consumption of 100W and an operating voltage of 230V are required. With this air cooler, you will also get a one-year warranty, so you can avoid any trouble with your service. It provides a relaxed show in your room without disturbing you. Bajaj Platini PX97 is one of the best air coolers in Indian market.

Key Features Of Platini Best Brand Air Cooler In India:

  • Ideal size for medium rooms
  • 3-way speed control
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective cord length

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4. Symphony Diet 12T: Best Air Cooler In India For Home

This cooler is the right option if you are looking to get an air-cooler that does not provide power packaged features but is also easy to mount and use. First of all, it is very lightweight and can be mounted quickly without any problems. With its compact size and elegant nature, this air cooler can be put anywhere you want without worrying about the venue.

It provides a 1-year warranty that makes a product more attractive. It has 1000 cubic meters of air delivery speed. You have a 12L tank capacity that fits well for a space of 100 m2. It can be used in small rooms for a quick refreshment. You can thrust the air to any corner of a room, at a distance of 30 feet. This best air cooler without water in India can cool your room without any issue.

The automatic movement of this air cooler distributes the air evenly around the floor. The ice chamber can be used and the ice can be used to get a chilled air breeze. The use of plastic engineering makes this air colder and no longer rust-proof. 

Key Features Of Symphony Best Room Cooler In India:

  • Powered by i-pure technology
  • Bacterial filter
  • Smell filter
  • Cooling pads

5. Pigeon Consta Cool 12657: Best Air Cooler With Humidity Control In India

This air cooler provides seven hours without the use of external power sources, one of many people’s favorites. But it doesn’t matter that you can still get the anticipated cooling of the cooler air if you’re not linked to the power source, making it the best selling air cooler in India.

The 4 wheels available make it easy to transfer this air cooler and thus make it cooler. It has a remote control to activate its functioning conveniently. This air cooler has a fan of 30 cm that can be used at three different speeds, low, medium, and high depending on the user’s needs. 

It can also fit very well for a small to medium-sized room with a capacity of a 15L water tank. Additionally, the timer system can be used to set the time and experience seamlessly. Pigeon Consta Cool is a nice experiment in this age where the price of electricity is constantly rising. It has the power to replace even the best desert air cooler in India.

Key Features Of This Best Air Cooler For Home In India:

  • Rechargeable
  • Humidity control
  • Easy fan settings
  • Timer function

6. Crompton Marvel PAC201: Most Innovative & Best Air Cooler In India

Crompton is a leading name in providing the best air coolers in India because of its innovation and customer satisfaction. From the house of Crompton, here’s another gem that is certainly the best water cooler in India. It has all the requisite characteristics and is a strong and efficient air cooler. The standardized air distribution ensures the whole room is cool in no time.

A separate ice chamber is available for this cooler to enhance cooling efficiency. The automated movement of the louvre in the room often provides uniform air. It uses wave pads to ensure that you get immediate refrigeration. These pads are sufficiently dense to absorb enough outside air and then turn it into the chilled air. This best desert cooler in India is available for a room of 150 square feet with a capacity of 20 L water tank.

Key Features Of Crompton Best Air Cooler Brand In India:

  • Cooling pads
  • Low power consumption
  • Stylish design
  • High air throw

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7. Orient Electric Smartcool: Best Portable Air Cooler In India

The Orient Electric Smartcool air cooler provides superior cooling efficiency with honeycomb pads as a cooling medium. This system is an absolute champion in terms of shape and functionality. The ergonomic nature of the cooler is ideal for cooling every nook and corner in every corner of your home.

The compact size of this air cooler makes it easy to fit anywhere. This saves your room an entire field. Its attractive architecture and presentation create a beautiful view of the other attractions. This cooler air can even be used when you cook in your kitchen. This best air cooler price in India is quite negligible. So you can have the best desert cooler in India without burning a lot of cash.

Key Features Of This Best Air Cooler In India:

  • Compact size
  • Beautiful design
  • Auto water fill feature
  • Less consumption of power

8. Symphony Siesta 70 XL: Best Cooler In India

This is one of the best air coolers in India that will withstand Indian rising temperatures. The high-performance desert air cooler for homes is built for hot and dry areas where the average temperature approaches 50 degrees Celsius. This symphony air cooler uses less power because it operates at a fan’s expense.

It uses 150 W energy consumption and 220-230V operating voltage. Cold air is dispatched efficiently by using honeycomb cooling pads. The cooler throws the cold air to about 24 feet. At a speed of 1400 rpm, the engine rotates.

The mosquito net and dust filters operate effectively and thus keep the air fresh. The 1-year warranty duration for the air cooler covers the air cooler from many of the potential issues. This best air cooler price in India is quite negligible so you can have a world-class.

Key Features Of This Best Air Cooler In India:

  • Knob controls for cooling
  • Inverter power
  • Dust filter
  • Allergy filter

9. Crompton Optimus: Best Air Cooler Company In India

The Crompton Optimus is an excellent alternative for a higher air supply and increased refrigeration. Air delivery to the cooler of 5500m3/h guarantees quicker refreshment and comfort. The cooler is fitted with a good longevity pump and cooler smooth running. The cooler has a manual moisture control option to help optimize air moisture levels and to be set to different levels.

This particular Symphony brand air cooler model is enticing, to begin with. A thermoplastic body in black color draws users’ attention. The working and features are followed by the slim and elegant look of the air cooler, making it the best air cooler in India. It is the first air cooler in the world to be introduced with sensory control technology. 

The user can access the functions of this cooler air with his or her own hands with this technology. This can be achieved by gesture power coolers. Let your hands speak to the refrigeration with this Symphony Sense 31L Air Cooler.

Key Feature Of This Best Cooler In India:

  • Easy water drainage
  • Air throw is 55 ft
  • Rust free
  • Easy to clean

10. Symphony Sumo 75 XL: Makes You Feel Like A Air Cooler Without Water

Symphony has been renowned for its long-lasting and strong electronic devices for many years. With a wide tank capacity of 75 liters and a hassle-free water-filling functionality, this high-performing desert cooler guarantees long-lasting, continuous cooling. It is built with a thoughtful front barbecue and a solid fan that ensures full air supply.

The 3-speed setting and the additional sleep mode and natural mode settings are employed. A special benefit of this air cooler is its 75 litres water tank can be removed easily. The engine’s rotary speed is 120 RPM, which guarantees uniformity in refrigeration.

The distance to the air from this air cooler is 800 feet, so that even the large rooms can cool effectively. The latest techniques such as i-Pure technology and electronic moisture regulation also are included. This is one one of the best air coolers in India.

Key Features Of This Best Air Cooler:

  • Smell filter
  • i-Pure console
  • Equipped with air fan
  • Bacteria filter

Keep Cool With These Best Air Coolers In India

Many leading e-brands manufacture state-of-the-art air coolers that clearly mean that the demands for them are not dead. Air coolers provide you with the perfect amount of ventilation for a hot day. They are easier to buy and your energy costs will stay low.

We have provided the name of best air coolers in India so that you can cool off even during the most humid and most warm days. We hope that the given article gave you a better inisight of best coolers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the major air cooler brands in India?

Symphony, Bajaj, and Orient are the major air cooler brands in India.

What is i-Purification technology in air coolers?

i-Purificaion tchnology helps in airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms using filtration process.

Which is the best air cooler under ₹5000?

Orient smartcool, Maharaja Whiteline, Crompton marverl are few of the best coolers under 5000.

How much electricity do air coolers consume?

Air coolers consume 0.2-0.3 units in an hour

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